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Why Suris?

Rarest of the Rare

It is estimated that the worldwide suri alpaca population is only around 100,000—less than 10% of the total worldwide population of alpacas. In the US, there are currently 32,000 registered Suri Alpacas. This represents about 24% of the total U.S. population. Suri fiber is second only to the Vicuña as the rarest type of processed camelid fiber.

Suri Elegance

Suri fiber locks, made up of high-luster fibers, drape down the sides of the body in a twisted or flat form of various types. There are few animals more beautiful than a suri alpaca  running through the pasture; fiber swaying back and forth with every step, catching the sun with its brilliant luster.  Suri fiber has a slick hand and softness with exquisite luster.

Ultimate Fiber

The fiber suri alpacas is coveted by the fashion industry and cherished by the hand spinner. It has the softness of cashmere, the luster of silk, the warmth of silk, the durability of wool and its ability to accept color dyes makes it a favorite of all fiber enthusiasts. Because of increasing numbers of Suri alpacas in the U.S. compared to South America, the U.S. is positioned to become the world’s leading producer of suri fiber in 5-10 years.

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